Delivery Services

Lebanon, IN

Local Delivery

Kern, Kirtley & Herr offers Local Delivery to three different zones in our surrounding communities.

Deliveries will be made on Wednesday's and Thursday's.

All orders must be submitted to Kern Kirtley & Herr no later than 48 hours in advance. 

Delivery Days are subject to change due to product availability & other unforeseen circumstances. 

Any request for delivery on other than zone delivery day are subject to a delivery fee based on distance.

As a company policy our employees cannot enter your home, barn, or other structure, we ask that you have suitable place for the delivery of products to be placed. 

We will offer free delivery of products in full pallet increments in delivery zones , outside of delivery zones a delivery fee will apply ( excluded products for free delivery are custom ground feed , bulk feeds & bedding products)

Kern Kirtley & Herr is not liable for damage to products incurred after time of delivery 

If you have any questions about products or delivery options, or if you live outside our existing parameters but would like to become a customer of Kern Kirtley & Herr , please don't hesitate to email or call us at 765-482-4120.

Bulk Delivery

Bulk Delivery is available on larger orders. A delivery Fee will apply and 24 hour notice is required.