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Purina amplify high fat horse supplement


Horses may need to gain weight for a variety of reasons.

Whether you're getting ready for competition or are traveling with your horse, sometimes they need an added boost to gain a healthy amount of weight. 

Additional factors such as stress, the time of the year or prior nutrition can also influence a horse’s weight loss or lack of breadth. An added supplement like the Purina Amplify Nugget can help get your horse back on track to a fuller, healthier weight.

The Amplify® nugget is a high-fat extruded nugget that offers about 2,000 calories per pound and helps put added weight on horses and improves their hair coat. It contains a proprietary blend of vegetable oils, rice bran and flax seed and is highly palatable.
The Amplify® nugget can be found by itself as Amplify® High-Fat Supplement or mixed into the following feeds:

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